Product carriers for excellent production!

Visser Supplies is a partner in product carriers. Viscon Group specializes in engineering solutions and therefore also partners with customers in search for a perfect product carrier.

What crate, punnet, tray, box or pot is ideal for an optimal efficient production process with minimum downtime? What carrier flows through your entire organisation without unnecessary interruptions? A working production line is important, but a match with the product carrier is a challenge that needs to be addressed just as seriously. Visser supplies can design carriers for products that otherwise would be impossible to process automatically. We can also design carriers that fit special marketing needs to enhance success with a retailer, big box store or client.

With years of experience, Visser Supplies can advise elaborately on ideal packaging or creative marketing solutions. We invite companies active in agro or food to visit us to inspire each other to new creative solutions. Our combined expertise can create competitive advantage and cutting edge solutions which create enduring success for the partnering company.

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